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TitleTypePrice* Interest
Checklist Approach to Successful LitigationCOURSE BOOK$20 Civ Lit
2014 Probate and Estate SeriesCOURSE BOOK$99 Prob-Est
P&E: Basics of Estate Planning in North DakotaCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Civil Commitment ProcessCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Long- Term Care Planning in North DakotaCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Mediation for Estate & GuardianshipCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Qualified Retirement Account IssuesCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: The Philandering Life EstateCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Using Annuities in VA & Medicaid PlanningCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Vulnerable Adults- Civil RemediesCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
Tax Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$85 Tax
Tax Institute Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$85 Tax
Workers' Compensation Benefit Calculation ChartSUMMARY GUIDE$20 W Comp