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Up to $100 Off for Prior Season Passholders

All prior Minnesota CLE Season Passholders receive $50 off when ordering a new Minnesota CLE Season Pass.

If you are a current Passholder or if your Pass has expired in just the last 4 months, you receive an additional $50 off of a new Pass purchase for a total savings of $100.

New Lawyers Save $200 on a Season Pass!
New lawyers may deduct $200 from their Pass purchase. To qualify, admittance date must be fewer than 3 years prior to the chosen Pass start date. Use coupon code LPASS4NL when ordering a Limited Pass. Use coupon code UWSPASS4NL when ordering an Unlimited, Webcast or Super Pass. Admittance date will be verified.

Standard Price: $1,545.00

Select the type of Season Pass you'd like to purchase. See the Price tab to the left for more information.

Select the date you would like your Season Pass to start.

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