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Summary Guide to Discipline in the Public SectorSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Adm-Gov
The Minnesota Legislative ProcessCOURSE BOOK$50 Adm-Gov
ADR Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$90 ADR
Negotiation Strategy LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 ADR
Agricultural & Rural Law Institute 2014COURSE BOOK$55 Ag Law
Art, Entertainment & Sports Law Institute 2011COURSE BOOK$50 Arts
Banking Law Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$65 Banking
Bankruptcy "Stay" & Relief From the Stay in MN LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Bankrptcy
Bankruptcy Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$125 Bankrptcy
Bankruptcy Institute Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$125 Bankrptcy
Bankruptcy Practice in MN DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Bankrptcy
Bankruptcy Practice in MN Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Bankrptcy
Business Bankruptcy Law: Chapter 11 & AlternativesCOURSE BOOK$85 Bankrptcy
Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy Timeline LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Bankrptcy
Debt Collection MattersCOURSE BOOK$60 Bankrptcy
Debtor and Creditor Conference Manual 2013COURSE BOOK$85 Bankrptcy
Distressed Asset SalesCOURSE BOOK$85 Bankrptcy
Filing Your First Consumer Bankruptcy CaseCOURSE BOOK$75 Bankrptcy
Hot Bankruptcy Topics for Real Estate LawyersCOURSE BOOK$85 Bankrptcy
Hot Issues in Debtor-Creditor PracticeCOURSE BOOK$90 Bankrptcy
How to Collect Debts in MinnesotaCOURSE BOOK$90 Bankrptcy
MN Debtor- Creditor HB w/ Formbook CD 11th EdDESKBOOK$205 Bankrptcy
MN Debtor- Creditor HB w/ Formbook-LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Bankrptcy
Summ of Ch 7 Bankruptcy for Individual Debtor LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Bankrptcy
A Practical Guide to eDiscoveryCOURSE BOOK$75 Civ Lit
Admissibility Checklist for Common Forms ESI LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Civ Lit
Checklist Approach to Successful LitigationCOURSE BOOK$20 Civ Lit
David Herr's Evidence in the CourtroomCOURSE BOOK$95 Civ Lit
Effective DepositionsCOURSE BOOK$65 Civ Lit
Effectively Using Pleadings & Forms in a PI CaseCOURSE BOOK$75 Civ Lit
Eighth Circuit Appellate Manual - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Civ Lit
Eighth Circuit Appellate Manual, 6th EdDESKBOOK$185 Civ Lit
Federal District of MN Civil Practice - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Civ Lit
Federal District of MN Civil Practice DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Civ Lit
In-House Counsel Crash Course 2014COURSE BOOK$95 Civ Lit
Mauet's Trial EvidenceCOURSE BOOK$40 Civ Lit
Minnesota Ultimate Trial Notebook III COURSE BOOK$125 Civ Lit
MN Courtroom Evidence - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Civ Lit
MN Courtroom Evidence DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Civ Lit
MN Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook 5th EdDESKBOOK$185 Civ Lit
MN Motor Vehicle Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Civ Lit
MN State District Court Civil Practice -LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Civ Lit
MN State District Court Civil Practice DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Civ Lit
Rulings on Evidence HandbookDESKBOOK$125 Civ Lit
SG of Eighth Circuit Appellate Procedure, 5th edSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Civ Lit
Summary Guide to Effective Legal NegotiationSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Civ Lit
Summary Guide to MN Evidence RulesSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Civ Lit
Summary of MN Appellate Procedure 7th ed.SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Civ Lit
The Civil Litigator's Annual Short Course 2015COURSE BOOK$75 Civ Lit
The Effective Advocate Training ProgramCOURSE BOOK$95 Civ Lit
Timing Under Minnesota's New Civil Rules LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Civ Lit
Winning DiscoveryCOURSE BOOK$45 Civ Lit
Your First Civil Case in MN State CourtCOURSE BOOK$75 Civ Lit
Federal Economic Recovery Programs LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Commercl
Key Cases in Contract LawCOURSE BOOK$75 Commercl
The Uniform Commercial CodeCOURSE BOOK$75 Commercl
Regional Communications Law Forum 2013COURSE BOOK$40 Commun
Consumer Fraud & Deceptive TradeDESKBOOK$99 Consumer
Consumer Law in MinnesotaCOURSE BOOK$59 Consumer
Articles, Bylaws, & Mission Statements w/CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Corp-Bus
Business Entity Selection Legal QuickSheet LEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Corp-Bus
Business Franchise Agreement DMEDOCS MADE EASY$95 Corp-Bus
Business from Cradle to GraveCOURSE BOOK$199 Corp-Bus
Business Law 101COURSE BOOK$75 Corp-Bus
Business Law Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$95 Corp-Bus
Business Law Institute Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$95 Corp-Bus
Corporations & LLCs: MN Business Law - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Corp-Bus
Corporations & LLCs: MN Business Law Series DBDESKBOOK$175 Corp-Bus
Distributor, Sales Rep & Sales Agreement & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Corp-Bus
Drafting Your First ContractCOURSE BOOK$75 Corp-Bus
Mergers and Acquisitions Run DownCOURSE BOOK$75 Corp-Bus
Minnesota 302A Corporations and CD DMEDOCS MADE EASY$95 Corp-Bus
MN Business Torts DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Corp-Bus
MN Business Torts Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Corp-Bus
MN Closely Held Business Conference Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$75 Corp-Bus
MN Contracts DeskbookDESKBOOK$150 Corp-Bus
MN Contracts Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Corp-Bus
MN Nonprofit DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Corp-Bus
MN Nonprofit Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Corp-Bus
MN's New Public Benefit Corporation ActCOURSE BOOK$25 Corp-Bus
Non-Profit Law for the For-Profit AttorneyCOURSE BOOK$110 Corp-Bus
Partnership Agreement w/ CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Corp-Bus
Pro-Buyer Asset & Stock Purchase Agreements w/ CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Corp-Bus
Remedies & Damages in Commercial LitigationCOURSE BOOK$75 Corp-Bus
Representing the Ongoing Business DB - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Corp-Bus
Representing the Ongoing Business DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Corp-Bus
SG to Fraud, Misrepresentation & Deceptive TradeSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Corp-Bus
Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreement w/ CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Corp-Bus
The New Minnesota LLC ActCOURSE BOOK$95 Corp-Bus
Tips for Drafting and Reviewing Contracts LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Corp-Bus
ZLimited Liability Companies: Basics & Hot TopicsCOURSE BOOK$75 Corp-Bus
ZOrganizational Documents for LLCs w/ forms CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Corp-Bus
Criminal Justice & Criminal Code Book 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$75 Criminal
Criminal Justice Manual & Criminal Code Book 2014COURSE BOOK$75 Criminal
DWI Charging, Sentencing & Driving Privileges LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Criminal
Hot Issues in Criminal & Key CasesCOURSE BOOK$45 Criminal
Kirwin on Search & SeizureDESKBOOK$99 Criminal
MN Criminal Practice and Procedure COURSE BOOK$40 Criminal
MN DWI DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Criminal
MN DWI Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Criminal
MN Judges Criminal BenchbookDESKBOOK$185 Criminal
MN Judges Criminal Benchbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Criminal
Motor Vehicle Stops & Warrantless SearchesCOURSE BOOK$65 Criminal
Telephonic Search Warrants - 7 StepsLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Criminal
Warrantless Motor Vehicle SearchesLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Criminal
Your First DWI CaseCOURSE BOOK$75 Criminal
Care of the Aging Conference Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$70 Elder
Elder Law HandbookDESKBOOK$185 Elder
Elder Law Handbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Elder
Elder Law Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$85 Elder
Elder Law Institute Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$85 Elder
Introduction to Medical AssistanceCOURSE BOOK$95 Elder
MN Medical Assistance Eligibility for Adults 65+LEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Elder
Law of Release Reporting & Hazardous Substances SGSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Environ
Minnesota Environmental Law Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$65 Environ
MN Environmental Law Institue Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$65 Environ
50+ Useful Websites for Every Family Lawyer LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
7 Things A Family Lawyer Should Know About Tax LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Advanced Family Law 2014COURSE BOOK$75 Family
Antenuptial Agreement and CD DMEDOCS MADE EASY$95 Family
Bankruptcy Concepts for Family Practitioners LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Child Protection LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Family Law BasicsCOURSE BOOK$75 Family
Guide to Assisted Reproduction Technology Law LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Handling Your First Minnesota Divorce CaseCOURSE BOOK$75 Family
Intro to Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Law COURSE BOOK$75 Family
Marital Termination Agreements & CD DMEDOCS MADE EASY$95 Family
Minnesota Marital Dissolution Practice COURSE BOOK$85 Family
MN Child Custody DeskbookDESKBOOK$195 Family
MN Child Custody Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Family
MN Directory - Domestic Violence Service ProvidersSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Family
MN Divorce Practice DeskbookDESKBOOK$195 Family
MN Family Law Financial Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Family
MN Family Law Financial Deskbook 2nd EdDESKBOOK$185 Family
MN Family Law Involving a Military Service MemberLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Orders for Protection, Harassment Restraining LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Parenting Plan & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Family
Petition for Dissolution of MarriageDOCS MADE EASY$95 Family
Retirement Benefits and Family Law LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Social Security Disability & Family Law LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Summary Guide Comparing Roles in Family CasesSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Family
Summary Guide to Screening for Domestic ViolenceSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Family
The Family Law 50COURSE BOOK$50 Family
The Intersection of Immigration & Family Law LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Family
Affordable Care Act for the "Non Health Lawyer"COURSE BOOK$75 Health
Health Law Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$95 Health
Health Law Institute Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$95 Health
Health Lawyer IP ChecklistLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Health
HIPAA As Applied to LawyersCOURSE BOOK$75 Health
Obtaining & Analyzing Medical RecordsCOURSE BOOK$65 Health
Cross-Training in Immigration LawCOURSE BOOK$85 Immigratn
Summary Guide to Business Immigration LawSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Immigratn
Insurance Law for the Non-SpecialistCOURSE BOOK$59 Insurance
MN Insurance Law DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Insurance
MN Insurance Law Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Insurance
Advanced IP Issues in ContractsCOURSE BOOK$95 Intell Prop
IP Book 2014DESKBOOK$75 Intell Prop
Midwest IP Institute Manual & IP Book 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$125 Intell Prop
Summary Guide to Intellectual Property LawSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Intell Prop
Summary Guide to The America Invents ActSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Intell Prop
Summary Guide to Trademark LawSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Intell Prop
International Business Law Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$55 Internatl
"Problem Employees" - Pitfalls & SolutionsCOURSE BOOK$95 Lab-Emp
Are They Really Independent Contractors?COURSE BOOK$75 Lab-Emp
Basic Federal WARN Date Calculations LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Basics of Hiring LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Business Protections w/ forms CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Lab-Emp
Complying with Wage & Hour LawsLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Credibility Assessment of Parties & Witnesses LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Data Privacy and Security LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Determining if Individual is Entitled to COBRA LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Discipline & Discharge HandbookDESKBOOK$75 Lab-Emp
Effective Investigative Interviews QuickSheet LEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Employee Monitoring & Workplace Privacy LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Employment & Labor Law Federal & MinnesotaCOURSE BOOK$75 Lab-Emp
Employment Claim Damages LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Employment Practices, Documents & ContractsCOURSE BOOK$75 Lab-Emp
Executive & Key Employee Employment Agreement & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Lab-Emp
Federal Affirmative Action RequirementsLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
FMLA HandbookDESKBOOK$75 Lab-Emp
Government "Personnel Data" QuickSheet LEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Hiring an Employee with Non-Compete Agreement LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Immigration Recordkeeping LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
International Employment Law LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Investigations - the Critical First 24 Hours LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Investigations SGSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Job Applicant Screening Practice GuideDESKBOOK$55 Lab-Emp
Labor & Employment Law Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$95 Lab-Emp
Labor Law for the Employment LawyerCOURSE BOOK$80 Lab-Emp
Limits on Releases of Stat Employ Claims QS LEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Making the Decision to Terminate Legal QuickSheet LEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Meal, Rest, and Other Break Times LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
MN Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
MN Unemployment Compensation BenefitsLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
New Minnesota Employment LawsCOURSE BOOK$75 Lab-Emp
Pitfalls Solutions Handling the Problem EmployeeLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Preparing a Witness for a Deposition LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Reasonable Accommodation Mandated by the ADAAA LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Reductions in Force QuickSheet LEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Screening Potential Employee Using Online Data LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Separation Agreement & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Lab-Emp
Separation Payments & Internal Revenue CodeLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Settlement Agreement & Release of Employment & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Lab-Emp
SG to EEO Process for Private Sector Charges in MN SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
SG to Employment Law Statutes of LimitationSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
SG to Mental Illness Chemical Dependency/ ADASUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
SG to Minnesota Statutes Chap 181SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
SG to Non-Competition, Confidentiality & Trade...SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
SG to the New Final Rules on FLSA White-Collar Ex SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
SG- Taxation & Reporting of Settlements & VerdictsSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Social Media in the WorkplaceCOURSE BOOK$75 Lab-Emp
Step-by-Step Guide Conducting the Termination QSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Age DiscriminationSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Discipline and Discharge SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Discrimination ClaimsSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Employee Military Leave RightsSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Employment Privacy LawSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Independent ContractorsSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Private Sector Labor LawSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Public Sector Employment LawSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Record RetentionSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Religion in the WorkplaceSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Sexual Harassment LawSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to the FMLASUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
Summary Guide to Whistleblower & Retaliation ClaimSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Lab-Emp
The ADA HandbookDESKBOOK$75 Lab-Emp
The ADA Interactive Process LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
The Employment Law 60COURSE BOOK$75 Lab-Emp
The New ADAA and the Proposed RegsCOURSE BOOK$90 Lab-Emp
Three Steps to Designing a Social Media Policy LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Upper Midwest Employment Law Handbook 2014COURSE BOOK$195 Lab-Emp
Upper Midwest Employment Law Handbook 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$195 Lab-Emp
Wage and Hour Handbook: Federal and MinnesotaDESKBOOK$75 Lab-Emp
Workplace Violence PreventionLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Lab-Emp
Indian Law Conference Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$75 Misc
Churches & Other Religious OrganizationsCOURSE BOOK$50 Misc
Client Relations Formbook w/ CD 2nd EdDESKBOOK$145 Misc
Social Security PracticeCOURSE BOOK$75 Misc
The Complete Lawyer 3rd EdDESKBOOK$75 Misc
50 Tips for Mastering Microsoft WordCOURSE BOOK$50 Off Mgmt
The $6,000 Law OfficeCOURSE BOOK$60 Off Mgmt
Personal Injury DamagesCOURSE BOOK$65 Pers Inj
Personal Injury Documents & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Pers Inj
2014 Probate and Estate SeriesCOURSE BOOK$99 Prob-Est
8th Circuit Social Security Disability ConferenceCOURSE BOOK$90 Prob-Est
An Estate Planning Odyssey 2013COURSE BOOK$75 Prob-Est
Checklist at Death for Survivors LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Prob-Est
Drafting & Planning MN Estate Tax 2014COURSE BOOK$60 Prob-Est
Drafting Wills & Trust Agreements w/form CD 7th EdDESKBOOK$395 Prob-Est
Drafting Wills & Trusts Agreements Deskbook 7th EdDESKBOOK$275 Prob-Est
Estate Planning Series 2012COURSE BOOK$65 Prob-Est
Estate Planning Series 2013COURSE BOOK$45 Prob-Est
Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Law 40COURSE BOOK$75 Prob-Est
Family Limited Partnership Agreement & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Prob-Est
Fundamentals of Drafting Revocable TrustsCOURSE BOOK$45 Prob-Est
Fundamentals of Probate Practice in MNCOURSE BOOK$45 Prob-Est
Fundamentals of Will & Trust DraftingCOURSE BOOK$45 Prob-Est
Guardianships & ConservatorshipsCOURSE BOOK$90 Prob-Est
Handling Real Estate Issues in Estate PlanningCOURSE BOOK$65 Prob-Est
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Prob-Est
Keeping the Cabin in the Family COURSE BOOK$120 Prob-Est
Minnesota's New Gift TaxCOURSE BOOK$65 Prob-Est
MN Estate Administration DB w/CLEPro - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Prob-Est
MN Estate Administration Deskbook w/ CLEProDESKBOOK$245 Prob-Est
MN Estate Planning for Non-Traditional FamiliesDESKBOOK$135 Prob-Est
MN Estate Planning Non-Traditional Families - LLLINKEDLAW$125 Prob-Est
MN Guardianship & Conservatorship Law - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Prob-Est
MN Guardianship & Conservatorship Law HandbookDESKBOOK$185 Prob-Est
MN Trust Administration Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Prob-Est
MN Trust Administration Deskbook 3rd EdDESKBOOK$185 Prob-Est
P&E: Basics of Estate Planning in North DakotaCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Civil Commitment ProcessCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Long- Term Care Planning in North DakotaCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Mediation for Estate & GuardianshipCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Qualified Retirement Account IssuesCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: The Philandering Life EstateCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Using Annuities in VA & Medicaid PlanningCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
P&E: Vulnerable Adults- Civil RemediesCOURSE BOOK$20 Prob-Est
Probate & Trust Law Conference 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$110 Prob-Est
Probate & Trust Law Conference Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$110 Prob-Est
Probate & Trust Law Statutory DB & CD SETDESKBOOK$185 Prob-Est
Probate & Trust Law Statutory DeskbookDESKBOOK$135 Prob-Est
Probate & Trust Statutory Law DB on CDDESKBOOK$135 Prob-Est
Probate for ParalegalsCOURSE BOOK$45 Prob-Est
SG to Qualified Small Business & Farm PropertySUMMARY GUIDE$20 Prob-Est
Succession & Estate Planning IssuesCOURSE BOOK$90 Prob-Est
The MN Probate Court Directory 2014DESKBOOK$89 Prob-Est
The MN Probate Court Directory 2014 & CD SetDESKBOOK$139 Prob-Est
The MN Probate Court Directory 2014 on CDDESKBOOK$89 Prob-Est
The Non- Probate RoadmapCOURSE BOOK$45 Prob-Est
Understanding TrustsCOURSE BOOK$100 Prob-Est
A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanics' Liens in MNCOURSE BOOK$85 Real Est
Authority to Transfer Real Property LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Commercial Leases & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Real Est
Commercial Real Estate Note & Mortgage & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Real Est
Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreement & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Real Est
Common Interest Communities Docs Made Easy & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Real Est
Common Interest Communitites LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Defenses to Foreclosure Actions LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Developer's Agreement & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Real Est
Easements in MinnesotaCOURSE BOOK$65 Real Est
Execution Sales on Non-Homestead Real PropertyLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Farm LeasesLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Filing Ch. 13 Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
How to Examine Title to Real Property COURSE BOOK$95 Real Est
Initial Registration of TitleLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
MN Real Estate Purchase & Sale DB - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 Real Est
Mortgage Foreclosure Conference 2012COURSE BOOK$100 Real Est
Mortgage Foreclosures, Short Sales LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Neighbor LawCOURSE BOOK$90 Real Est
Proceedings Subsequent to Initial RegistrationLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Property & Liability Insurance in Commercial RELEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Property Tax Appeals in MinnesotaCOURSE BOOK$60 Real Est
Protecting Buyers in a Res Real Estate TransactionLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Quick References to Approvals LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Real Estate Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$195 Real Est
Real Estate Institute Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$195 Real Est
Real Estate Online Resources & Websites LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Real Property Law in MinnesotaCOURSE BOOK$90 Real Est
Replevin Actions LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Retail Lease - Strip Mall & Form CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Real Est
SG on Sources of Real Estate Funding SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
SG to Recording Real Estate Documents SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
Small Business Administration Loans LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Summary Guide to ยง1031 Like-Kind ExchangesSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
Summary Guide to Commercial Leasing SUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
Summary Guide to EasementsSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
Summary Guide to Mechanic's Liens in MNSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
Summary Guide to Mortgage Foreclosure in MNSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
Summary Guide to Real Estate TitlesSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
Summary Guide to Residential Real EstateSUMMARY GUIDE$20 Real Est
Tax Implications of Debt ForgivenessLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
The Real Estate 60COURSE BOOK$75 Real Est
Title Examination in MN LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Transfer on Death Deeds (TODDS) MN Stat 507.071 QS LEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Using Minnesota's Title StandardsLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Water Law in Minnesota LQSLEGAL QUICKSHEET$8 Real Est
Water Project and Drainage Law DeskbookDESKBOOK$75 Real Est
Working with Torrens PropertyCOURSE BOOK$60 Real Est
Your First MN Residential Real Estate SaleCOURSE BOOK$75 Real Est
ZMN Real Estate Purchase & Sale DeskbookDESKBOOK$185 Real Est
Dealing with Mental Health Issues in SchoolsCOURSE BOOK$45 School
SG Discipline, Discharge & Layoff School EmployeesSUMMARY GUIDE$20 School
Malfeasance In the Business SettingCOURSE BOOK$90 Securities
Private Placement Memorandum & CDDOCS MADE EASY$95 Securities
Tax Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$85 Tax
Tax Institute Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$85 Tax
Computer & Technology Law Institute ManualCOURSE BOOK$95 Tech
Intro to Workers' Compensation PracticeCOURSE BOOK$75 W Comp
MN Workers' Compensation DeskbookDESKBOOK$195 W Comp
MN Workers' Compensation Deskbook - LinkedLawLINKEDLAW$125 W Comp
Summary Guide to Minnesota Workers' CompensationSUMMARY GUIDE$20 W Comp
Summary Guide to WC Permanent Medical TreatmentSUMMARY GUIDE$20 W Comp
Workers' Compensation Benefit Calculation ChartSUMMARY GUIDE$20 W Comp
Workers' Compensation Inst Manual 2014 eAccessCOURSE BOOK$95 W Comp
Workers' Compensation Institute Manual 2014COURSE BOOK$95 W Comp