Minnesota CLE Season PassSM - Terms and Conditions
Please read completely and carefully.

Tuition-Free Admission Guarantee:
The Limited, Unlimited and Super Minnesota CLE Season Pass guarantee the Passholder tuition-free admission to Minnesota CLE seminars presented in Minnesota during the term of the Pass, provided the registration is received by Minnesota CLE at least two weeks prior to the course. (See special note on Skills Training courses below.) Passholders who register fewer than two weeks prior to the start of the course will be admitted, tuition-free, only if space is available. Owners of the Webcast Pass may register for webcast seminars at any time without restriction.

Amenities & Course Materials:
The Passholder is entitled, at no further cost, to all course materials and other amenities furnished tuition-paying registrants at any course the Passholder attends for full CLE credit under the rules of the Continuing Education of the Bar promulgated by the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education.


How Courses Count Against the Limited Pass:
The Limited Pass entitles the Passholder to tuition-free admission to up to ten Minnesota CLE live or video seminars presented in Minnesota during the term of the Pass as follows: Each individual registration counts as one course toward the ten-course limit, regardless of the course length. Purchases of webcast, on-demand, and skills training programs at 50% off do not count against the 10-course limit of the Limited Season Pass.


Skills Training Courses:
The Super Pass offers tuition-free admission to participatory skills training courses such as the multi-day ADR mediation training. Limited, Unlimited and Webcast Passholders may register for these courses at a 50% discount. Registration for skills training courses is limited and open as long as space is available.


Extra Pass Benefits:
Minnesota CLE Season Passholders receive extra benefits such as 50% off all Minnesota CLE publications and 50% off the Minnesota CLE Online Library. Additional extra benefits vary depending on the type of Pass owned.



  1. The Pass cannot be used by anyone other than the individual to whom the Pass is issued. Passholders will not be admitted without their Pass. Passholders must bring their Pass to the course and may be asked to show a photo I.D.

  2. Under no circumstances will the term of any Pass be extended beyond the 12-month period you select.

  3. The Pass does not provide tuition-free admission to any course presented, in whole or in part, outside the state of Minnesota.

  4. Passholders may not just stop by to pick up course materials. The Pass is designed to provide for CLE credit through attendance at seminars.

  5. Minnesota CLE reserves the right to limit the number of Passes issued.