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Types of Publications 


Designed to be treatises on their topics, Minnesota CLE’s Deskbooks offer comprehensive instruction written and edited by the very best practitioners in their fields. Detailed narratives are punctuated by practice tips and ethical commentary; the compilations are indexed by subject and authorities. Having much longer shelf-lives than course materials, Deskbooks are updated regularly via replacement pages or behind the chapter supplements. They thus combine long-term wisdom and everyday relevancy, embodying everything you need to conduct practice from start to finish. Additionally, many Minnesota CLE’s Deskbooks are available in LinkedLaw. LinkedLaw Deskbooks are available, through a subscription, 24/7 online, via your computer or mobile device. In addition to being fully searchable, LinkedLaw books are linked to primary authorities mentioned in the text. Summon the texts of statutes, rules, and cases with simple mouse clicks. Navigate through the book quickly and easily using the table of contents to jump directly to corresponding pages within the book. And, with a LinkedLaw Deskbook subscription you will always have the most current version of the Deskbook at your fingertips. All updates and new editions published during the subscription period are incorporated automatically and seamlessly into the LinkedLaw Deskbook, becoming instantly available to the user at no extra cost.



InFORMed Annotated Legal Documents

InFORMed annotated legal documents are expertly drafted legal forms and documents containing annotations and helpful commentary by expert attorneys. You'll receive drafting rationales and insights from the author, along with practice tips and citations to pertinent authority. Checklists and sample language also may be provided.

Each InFORMed annotated document comes with a companion eFormbook which is accessible through your account on the Minnesota CLE website. The eFormbook contains the unannotated version of the documents included in the manual. Don’t scan or retype the documents found in the annotated manual – save time by simply downloading the documents and fine-tuning them to suit your needs. Documents are provided in Microsoft Word format for use on any PC.



Course Books

Course books are manuals sharing titles with the Minnesota CLE seminars for which they are produced. Typically a series of articles corresponding to the lectures delivered at a live course, these materials offer the timeliest information available on the topic in question, emphasizing practical aspects and new developments while delving deeper where necessary. You'll see that only our electronic course books are displayed on our publications list online. To order a hardcopy of these books, or any of our other course books, please call Minnesota CLE at 651-227-8266 or 800-759-8840. Or, visit the online library to search for and purchase individual chapters from current and past course books.



Summary GuidesTM

Summary GuidesTM are concise, at-a-glance reference tools that help clarify legal issues visually, saving you valuable time! These charts, diagrams and checklists are printed on sturdy, coated paper to withstand frequent use.



Legal QuickSheetsTM

Legal QuickSheetsTM take the concision and convenience of Summary GuidesTM a step further, refining information on specific legal problems or fact-situations into simple yet valuable outlines and checklists. Printed on a single sheet, Legal QuickSheetsTM are laminated for durability and three-hole-punched for easy insertion into Deskbooks or other Minnesota CLE binders.