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Types of Seminars

In-Person Live Seminar

In-Person Live Seminars

In-person live seminars are presentations where both speakers and registrants attend in-person on the scheduled date and at the scheduled location. These seminars provide opportunities for interaction with the faculty members considered experts in the subject area, and time for Q & A is generally built into the seminar schedule. In-person live seminars are most often conducted at our state-of-the-art Conference Center in downtown Minneapolis.

We also hold about a dozen larger annual events called “Institutes” at either our Minneapolis Conference Center, or other event facilities throughout the Twin Cities. These seminars usually are comprised of some plenary sessions as well as numerous breakout sessions running simultaneously, giving attendees some choice in which topic areas to focus their learning.

In-Person Video Replay Seminar

In-Person Replays

In-person replays are presentations where registrants attend in-person on a scheduled date and at a scheduled location to view recordings of in-person live presentations that have previously taken place. Generally, two Minneapolis replays of each in-person live seminar are scheduled, and there are also numerous replays throughout Minnesota in locations that are part of Minnesota CLE’s Statewide Video Seminar Network (SVSN). For each scheduled in-person replay there is a live moderator that is present for part or all of the seminar.

Live Webcast

Live Webcasts

Live webcasts are presentations in which attendees participate via their computer. Webcasts must be viewed at the scheduled time; speakers' presentations stream to your computer in real-time, as they are taking place. An opportunity to submit questions to the presenter/s is provided through a link. Minnesota CLE’s webcasts are usually 1-4 hours in length, and are a great way to get your credits without having to leave your desk.

Before you participate in a webcast, it is important to make sure you have the proper software and hardware requirements. Please visit the following links for more information.


On-Demand Seminar

On-Demand Seminars

On-demand seminars are recorded presentations of live in-person and webcast seminars that you can watch at your leisure. Once purchased, you may view your on-demand programs by logging in at www.minncle.org. Resource materials typically accompany these programs, and each program allows you the opportunity to submit questions to the presenter. On-demand seminars do have viewing expiration dates, so be sure to take note of that date upon purchase of any on-demand program. The Minnesota State Board of CLE does grant credit for on-demand programs, and Minnesota attorneys may earn up to 15 credits per reporting period by viewing on-demand seminars, as defined by the Board's Rules, subject to the provisions outlined in Rule 6E.

Before you view an on-demand seminar, it is important to make sure you have the proper software and hardware requirements. Please visit the following links for more information.